*Monthly debit order

Our generous grantors are responsible for providing the financial assets needed to help sponsor black female students and donate towards tertiary education.

As Signa Trust is a registered Public Benefit Organization, no tasks are delivered to generate a profit although a 15% administration fee on the sponsorship is utilized to carry operational expenses of the Trust.

You can become a grantor and reach your socio-economic development targets by following this process:

Reach out to Signa Trust (signatrust@signa.co.za).​

We will provide you with a proposal and invoice based on our analysis.

Receive a THANK YOU! confirmation letter of your SED contribution.

Trust compiles an Agreement unique to you.

Funds are rolled out! Make a difference in a young woman’s life!

BONUS STEP: Gain B-BBEE Compliance and Verification under the criteria of bursaries.

The revised B-BBEE codes of 31 May 2019, No. 42496 introduced a framework for the inclusion of bursaries in the claim of Code 300. Item of the BEE code, introduced 4 points for the commitment of 2.5% of payroll to “Skills Development Expenditure on Bursaries for Black Students in Higher Education Institutions.”

A bursary or scholarship scheme is a grant made to or for students who are registered at an educational institutions established by or registered with the Department of Basic Education or the Department of Higher Education & Training and may include legitimate training costs for a bursary or scholarship: payment of school, college or university fees, or a portion thereof; funding for textbooks or other learning materials; funding for subsistence or accommodation during the period of study.

This is to allow for the holistic support of students that receive bursaries. It recognizes the fact that the sponsorship of studies still leaves the student with a need for accommodation, educational tools, subsistence, and support in the academic world.

The Signa Trust solution fully aligns to the criteria of bursaries and secures an effortless deployment of bursary programs on behalf of sponsors at a low administration fee.