Signa Trust is a registered PBO/NPO that provides bursaries for tertiary studies to Black female students.

The Trust funds its operations from Socio-Economic Development donations and contributions, bursary sponsorships as well as dividends from its equity participation in various investment entities.

The Trust helps black women get educated and invests in South African women to secure a successful economic future and create a positive impact on their lives.

*Monthly debit order

During the facilitation of bursary programmes, we have found that holistic student support is required to
enable the success of the student.

Founded by Signa Group, the Trust is a proud advocate for the Power of One which is the idea of coming together as one team for one purpose and one passion to effectively make a meaningful impact in the life of another individual. That individual can in turn go on to make an impact in the life of another.

Vanessa Anne Poggiali-Trapani
Signa Trust Administrator
T: +27 (0) 76 494 4895